“I was just this guy with a DSLR”: In conversation with Hyatt N.

“I was just this guy with a DSLR”: In conversation with Hyatt N.
“Back then, I was just this guy with a DSLR, clueless about what I wanted to do, other than snapping photos and making videos,” says Hyatt N, now the Director and Producer of HYMOTION LABS, about his early days. Today, HYMOTION is a leading video production and content creation agency in Bangalore, working with names in the likes of Redmi, Xiaomi, Range Rover and many more. In this feature, we take a deep dive into Hyatt’s career and look at the world of CGI 3D motion graphics through his eyes.
It was during his BBA days that Hyatt joined the college creative team working on various festivals when he caught the filmmaking bug. Fresh out of college, he chased this passion and started Hyatt Films.
He says, “I initially started ‘Hyatt Films’ and ended up shooting lots of weddings with my friends around the globe and then eventually found opportunities in the corporate world.”
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A product video by HYMOTION LABS that showcases the essence of Wings NuvoBook Series. The ultimate fusion of creativity, productivity, and entertainment. Crafted with a focus on sleek minimalism, this video brings forth the laptop’s modern elegance. https://www.behance.net/gallery/181217747/NUVOBOOK-SERIES

Seeing the rise of CGI and the quality that it brings- especially when working on smartphone models- Hyatt teamed up with an incredible crew in Pune and collaborated with artists to take his videos to the next level.
Through projects that served as valuable learning opportunities and tested his abilities, Hyatt started HYMOTION LABS. He says, “We adapted, polished and reshaped our skills and developed work that unveils quality and commitment to making something fresh.”
My love for visual aesthetics inspired me to establish HYMOTION LABS, where we specialize in creating visuals that not only allure and engage but also leave a lasting impression on the audience.
This passion has found its way into numerous projects with Xiaomi, the most recent of which being a product video for Xiaomi Uniblade trimmer.

The product launch video for the Xiaomi Uniblade trimmer. HYMOTION’s production melds the mechanical grace of a robotic arm with a blend of live-action and CGI, highlighting the trimmer’s cutting-edge design and meticulous precision. https://vimeo.com/862189462

Hyatt says, “Working with their [Xiaomi’s] innovative products, from the cutting-edge Xiaomi smartphone series to their diverse lifestyle offerings, has been a delight for both me and my team. Each brief presents a unique opportunity to craft compelling narratives that showcase the exceptional features of Xiaomi's products.”

HYMOTION LABS’s latest product video is a visual journey that unravels all the remarkable features and functionalities that the Xiaomi Smart TV A Series has to offer. Through a combination of typography, motion graphics, and elegant transitions, we bring to life the TV’s snappier performance and smoother user interface. https://www.behance.net/gallery/181803835/Xiaomi-Smart-TV-A-Series

For Hyatt,most Xiaomi projects begin with understanding the product's key selling points and target audience. Hyatt says, “We usually ask for the product PMG which helps us understand the product a lot better. We then brainstorm concepts that highlight these aspects, followed by references and detailed treatment boards to execute the vision.”
The set for Xiaomi’s Uniblade trimmer video was designed with a minimalist approach, complemented by strategic lighting to enhance the overall visual impact. Being fans of the Robotic Arm, the team incorporated the tool into their workflow to achieve an ultra-futuristic and minimalist treatment. In the product launch video, with the help of the crew at Mocobot Robotics, the team highlighted the trimmer's innovative design and precision through a mix of robotic arm sophistication aided by ultra-minimal CGI.
Talking about the production, Hyatt says, “When working on the set design, we embraced a minimalist design philosophy, using strategic lighting to amplify the visual impact and draw attention to the trimmer's sleek aesthetics.”
Although HYMOTION is headquartered in Bangalore, the studio collaborates with creatives worldwide, constantly seeking artists who offer fresh perspectives and innovative ideas. Although the teams work across different time zones, they ensure seamless communication through tools like MIRO boards, WhatsApp, and Zoom Meetings.

Presenting the Redmi Note 12 Pro commercial by HYMOTION LABS that highlights the products’ breathtaking colors and unparalleled design. https://www.behance.net/gallery/171020121/Redmi-Note-12-Pro

Hyatt says,” Every now and then, it's exciting to welcome a new artist into the mix. I have been most privileged to be working with the absolute best folks. Their talent and continued support have been the backbone of our studio, thus helping to manifest our creative visions. “

Stunning visual storytelling for the Range Rover 2023 where HYMOTION LABS crafted the perfect blend of opulence and automotive brilliance. https://www.behance.net/gallery/180604741/Range-Rover-Commercial

Navigating the complexities of the 3D process and workflow can be quite challenging, especially when clients request changes after the final high-res renders have been delivered. While the team is always willing to address valid concerns, these last-minute adjustments significantly increase stress and workload putting additional pressure on the teams.
Talking about managing deadlines of ads and campaign launches Hyatt says, “I haven’t figured it out, mostly just trying to optimize and make lives of both client and ours easier. And really, what's this industry without the thrill of tight deadlines?”

A racing-themed video for Fastrack bursting with vibrant pop colors and slick match cuts. https://www.instagram.com/p/CvzvF1dP8_U/

Pour your heart and soul into your work, work 24/7 especially in the early days. And stay curious about the latest tech.
He adds, “Sure, AI might seem like the big bad wolf, snatching jobs left and right at first. But eventually, it'll probably open up a whole new world of opportunities and perspectives for us. So, hang tight and keep an open mind! (I’m saving this advice for myself too :P)”

Behind the scenes for the 3D motion design video for the smartwatch brand Fastrack. https://www.behance.net/gallery/169764715/FASTRACK-SMART-WATCH

With new GenAI tools for storyboarding, voiceovers, music, grading, finding cool references and so much more- Hyatt’s favorite being kive.ai- he believes that AI can be useful to look up references and chop up videos into GIFs/ images and spice up our Behance portfolios.
Hyatt adds,” [AI tech is an] Absolute game-changer in the creative industry. They offer exciting possibilities for automating certain tasks, enabling more focus on creativity. It has become a lot quicker to churn ideas and scripts.”
With that, we come to the end of this feature with Hyatt N. We wish him all the best for the future and remind ourselves that, maybe, even the clueless can find their way into this crazy world of visual storytelling. So, here's to embracing tight deadlines, staying curious about the latest tech, and keeping an open mind about the “big bad wolf” called AI.
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